Makibes BR1 400X300

Makibes BR1

  • Nopending price: $49.99

  • Original price: $119.98

  • Aliexpress: Makibes Official Store

The way of getting discount on Aliexpress

1. Go to the product page – Makibes BR1 on Aliexpress and buy from $ 49.99


2. And write to the seller, the phrase “nopending”


3. Get the price from $49.99 and save up to $69.99


In both cases, you will receive priority dispatch and control of seller.


Detailed instructions on how to get a discount, see below or watch the video.

Tutorial of code: nopending
1. Go to the website and click on the button “LOGIN” if you are already registered or click on REGISTER if not yet.
2. Go to the product page by clicking on the link – Makibes BR1
3. Go to the next page where:

    a. Will specify the address of delivery
    b. In the line “Leave a comment for the seller”. (Leave message for this seller), write: “nopending
    c. If you have the item “Methods of payment” (Payment method), choose “Other payment methods” (Other payment methods)
    d. Click on the button “Confirm and pay” (Confirm & Pay) or “place order” (Place Order)

4. And go to the next page where:
    a. You need to choose a payment method and
    b. STOP
    c. Now wait until the seller changes the price of the goods
When the seller change the price?
Because the price changes a human and not a robot and the time difference we have with China +5 hours, the seller changes the price from 4 a.m. until the hour of the day, if you order later 13:00 the price will change on the following day (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

5. On change learn in the menu “My Orders”
6. You CAN now pay for your order.

If the seller has lowered the price throughout the day, be sure to write to us about it in the comments at the bottom of this page (the order number + dealer), we will deal.

Makibes BR1
Built-in GPS

BR1 can receive GPS satellite signal, the deviation is less than 3 meters. The watch not only can show your optimal speed and average speed, but also can show you the maximum pace rate and average pace. All the data will be reflected on your App to creat exclusive pace rate analyse and speed analyse.

IP67 Waterproof Level
BR1’s waterproof and sweat-proof design enable you to do any sports including swimming without taking it off. Enjoy your free and active life.
(Do not press button underwater, do not flushing hot water, do not use when take shower.)
Multiple Running Modes
There are 7 different running modes available in BR1 by Humanized and technological. They are freestyle, distance mode, duration mode, energy mode, fat burning, endurance and CPET. Make the most of each workout.
Maximize your efforts with dynamic heart rate monitoring
BR1 will display the sports data in different colors during workouts. Different colors represent different heart rate zones. You can check your real time heart rate to see whether you’re in the fat burn, cardio or peak zone to optimize your intensity and dial in your effort.
Heart Rate Warning
BR1 will alert if you reach to maximum and minimum heart rate when you exercise. It not only can play an optimal exercise performance, but also can ensure safety. Help you explore your own exercise pace while optimal gurantee exercise performance.
BR1 can effectively indicate the fatigue and recovery state of you , to prevent sports injuries, and ensure the safety of workout.
Multi-sports management
17 kinds of sports you can choose. BR1 can recognize sports types of running and ball games automatically. Record real time heart rate, exercise duration, distance automatically.
See progress on screen
It will indicate real-time exercise situation. If you achieve your target duration and distance, BR1 would remind you with vibration.
Incoming call remind & Messages notification
While Bluetooth connecting, if there is an incoming call, it would show the caller ID. Almost notification of APPs could be synchronized to the watch.
1.3 inch IPS color touchscreen
1.3 inch color screen can let you clearly see the screen in any area. Whether you are under bright sunshine or in a dark room.
Connect to Strava
When you connect your Strava account, the data from Zeroner Health Pro will be available within Strava.(this feature is available for Android users)
More functionality
Sleep monitoring, stopwatch, timer, customized dial, reminder to move, alarm, no disturb, ect.
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